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Vanema is raising awareness of the airplane seat comfort quality by giving away 2000 free seat cushions in Ljubljana airport
Sitting for longer periods of time on unsatisfactory seats is not only uncomfortable, but also a significant health concern. Vanema is dedicated to improving passenger comfort in all cabin classes with their latest developments of Octasupport® seat cushions. “Our goal is to start a discussion about how next generation materials like Octaspring® can improve passengers’ journeys, while helping airlines achieve their goals of cutting CO2 emissions. With taking the Octaspring®technology to the skies we want to make sure that airlines don’t have to choose between efficiency and passenger comfort anymore” says chairman Sandi Cesko.

"With every new model, airlines cut more and more padding from their seats. This saves fuel and reduces emissions, but has left passengers aching,” said Vanema Chairman Sandi Cesko.


By bringing its game changing innovation to the aviation industry, Octaspring® is offering increased comfort and customization that enable the creation of ergonomic seats, all while saving 30% of seat cushion weight helping reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Octaspring® technology has already been successfully implemented in sleep industry and it’s latest Octasma

rt mattresses, and now this unique technology is being introduced to airline and automotive seats, as well as home and office furniture.


The goal of this week’s campaign in Ljubljana is to gain passenger feedback on priority comfort issues. Findings will be shared with our partners in the aviation industry to kick-start a discussion about how new solutions can satisfy both airlines operational goals and improve passenger comfort.  Similar events are planned at other airports across Europe in the coming months.