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ReTrolley by Iacobucci HF Aerospace and Airbus plots a new route for the “green” market

Presorting garbage during the flight to separate recyclables from waste and from liquids with the maximum ease of use is now possible. It happens thanks to the ReTrolley, a new system for on board recycling developed by Iacobucci HF Aerospace. The Italian Manufacturer has crafted the device in exclusive from a concept conceived by Airbus. The ReTrolley combines the simplicity of a standard cabin service trolley (both in half-size and full-size) with the possibility for the cabin crew members to handle, on top of it, different containers with peculiar designs for each kind of waste: paper, plastic, cans, with a dedicated liquids disposal bin and a specific area for staking cups that contribute to make the presorting really effective.


The ReTrolley debuted last April at the 2018 edition of the Aircraft Interiors Expo. As a disruptive innovation meant to address the fast growing “green” market, it represents the right answer to all the Airlines that are trying to reduce the costs of waste management and, at the same time, to meet the expectations of the customers, who demand a more sustainable, environment-friendly experience even when flying.



Thanks to its simple, modular design, the ReTrolley can be customized and adapted to embed the right cases for the specific needs of each flight. Every Airline perfectly knows what sort and what quantity of garbage is produced during a long range service rather than during a short range one, and therefore can set the best configuration of the ReTrolleys carried on board to optimize the space and facilitate the operations of collection. The structure of the device makes it light and maneuverable despite its robustness: when stored in the galley, the ReTrolley is secured like any other ordinary trolley, as it needs no adaptation or special connection systems to fit in the compartment. When in service, the ReTrolley's top slides to reveal the different funnels: once opened, the crew members can access each of them with the same gesture needed to collect, store and compact the garbage in the old fashioned procedure. No extra effort is needed. The difference can be appreciated after the aircraft has landed: not only handling the materials is easier, but the presorting allows the Airlines to better face stricter regulations, new fees fixed by airports and more and more complex operational tasks related to waste management. That means essentially mitigating increasing costs. According to IATA’s (International Air Transport Association) estimations, in fact, in 2016 about 5.2 millions tons of garbage was generated globally in flight, with an expense of 500 millions dollars, which is expected to double in the next 15 years.


Thanks to its cutting edge features, the ReTrolley has already won the Crystal Cabin Award 2017 (Category “Greener Cabin, Health, Safety and Environment”) and the APEX Award 2017 (Category “Best Cabin Innovation”).