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PriestmanGoode unveils new cabin designs with South African Airways

PriestmanGoode is pleased to unveil new cabin designs for South African Airways’ widebody fleet of new A330-300 aircraft. The new aircraft interiors build on the brand identity and design language that PriestmanGoode developed for  the airline’s short haul fleet in 2014.


Kim Thipe, Head of Marketing at South African Airways explains “In 2014, we began working with PriestmanGoode as part of a long-term programme to address the overall visual language of SAA across its passenger touch-points through a brand refresh.


We wanted to create a strong identity that was both reflective of South Africa’s rich cultural heritage and designed to appeal to both domestic and international passengers. As a flag carrying airline, we understand that we represent people’s first and lasting impressions of South Africa, so investing in our passenger experience represents a commitment to our travellers.” Myriam Bracke, Manager On Board Product adds: “We are very excited to introduce the new A330-300 aircraft to the SAA fleet and taking this bespoke cabin interior into the next phase both from a design and technology point of view, ensuring we exceed our customers’ expectations.”


PriestmanGoode’s designs for the A330-300 fleet include Business Class and Economy Class cabins, as well as entrance areas, brand panels and cabin branding throughout the aircraft. Luke Hawes, Director at PriestmanGoode says “This new phase in the programme provides SAA with a continued consistent, elegant design language with subtle detailing and highlights of vibrant colour and pattern.”


The colour palette contrasts the dark anthracite of contemporary South African architecture and cityscapes with the rich saturated golden tones of winter sun and earthen landscapes. Highlight colours such as burnt red and blues signify the ethnic colour burst of civilisation within the landscape. This offers vibrant, yet subtle notes of colour in the cabin through reveal details, brand panels, and feature stitching.


Pattern was central to the materials and finishes across the interiors. A series of bespoke prints, which featured in the A320 design, have been updated in coordination with SAA’s branding agency CUB3D. The prints are inspired by traditional African crafts, textiles, basket weaving and furniture.


The Business Class cabin features a custom Thompson Vantage XL seat. The look is designed in keeping with the Business Class seat on the A320 programme, with fabric-upholstered seats to provide a more comfortable environment for long journeys.


Custom features of the seat include:


  • Upholstered personal stowage area, designed to store small valuable passenger items such as watches, rings, earrings, mobile phone etc. and a specific area for personal notebooks/small laptops


  • Personal stowage shroud designed to create a distinct look for SAA which focused on integrating seat features such as passenger reading light and seat controls.


  • Monitor shroud designed to give the seat a more domestic appearance, including a soft stowage/stand for tablet devices for dual screening as well as standard stowage purposes. The 15” monitor is high quality resolution touch screen for enhanced viewing.


  • Cocktail table seamlessly integrates with the rest of the seat.


The flat bed measures close to 2 metres with ample width. Each passenger has large personal stowage areas as well as privacy and direct aisle access.


The Economy Class cabin features a custom Geven seat upholstered in fabric with a bespoke pattern inspired by contemporary African crafts. The cabin retains touches of vibrant blue on headrests and in stitching details, carrying on the language of the A320 aircraft interiors. In addition to Business and Economy cabins, PriestmanGoode also designed entrance areas with branded welcome panels, as well as brand panels and literature pockets throughout the cabin. The bespoke design was inspired by the SAA brand assets. These feature newly developed patterns and finishes that continue to reflect the visual language of contemporary African design, architecture and craft. The new A330-300 aircraft is now flying on selected routes.