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Rising Star

PriestmanGoode has been working on a new brand identity for EL AL, to be launched on its Boeing 787 fleet


Following a research trip through Israel, PriestmanGoode worked closely with EL AL to develop a brand identity that represents comfort, a sense of belonging, and plays on the juxtaposition between old and new. A specific source of inspiration for the new designs was the patternation derived from Israel’s architectural vocabulary. The programme includes an update of the airline's livery, externally and internally. The interplay interplay of light and shadow from some of the country’s most prominent landmarks acted as the inspiration for a diamond pattern, which became one of the defining elements of the new design and features prominently throughout the cabin and on the new livery.


Externally, the colour scheme is an adaptation of the current livery, which ensures a consistent look throughout the airline’s entire fleet, whilst making sure that certain elements stand out. The existing blue ribbon  along the fuselage has been retained as, have two blue stripes on the fin, but the Star of David between them has been enlarged to represent the true proportions of the Israeli national flag. All of these elements, as well as the dark grey shadow under the stripes, now contain highlights and lowlights in the new feature diamond pattern. This gives the livery an enhanced sense of movement and flow. The EL AL logo has also been resized and is a bold addition to the front of the aircraft. PriestmanGoode’s design direction extends across the entire cabin, including Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class, as well as entrance areas and galleys. It features a new colour palette that expands on EL AL’s corporate blue and dark grey, as well as the new diamond pattern.

Custom-designed 3D brand logos feature on wall panels in each class. These include EL AL’s name in English and Hebrew. Separate colours have been used to ensure that each language stands out on its own. The new brand logos are made in brushed metal, providing a sense of quality and attention to detail. Bespoke fabrics, décor finishes and branding details ensure a sense of quality. The company also developed a set of 15 bespoke LED mood lighting scenarios, with vibrant blues that create an impact when boarding and provide stimulation in active times of the flight with warm lights for relaxation and rest periods.

The Business Class cabin features rich tones of champagne, chocolate and wood to create an inviting onboard environment. The play with light and pattern continues with custom brand panels and foils which tie in the various elements of the cabin, from wall panels to bespoke seat dress covers, curtain dividers and carpets.

There are 32 Recaro CL6710 seats, all with aisle access and which convert to a 78in lie-flat bed. EL AL is the launch customer for the seat. They are 21in wide and have a 29in living space. PriestmanGoode worked with Recaro to create custom elements to increase personal stowage. The textured boucle yarn seat covers are grey with hints of blue, a reversal of the corporate scheme, but are intended to be reminiscent of Dead Sea minerals. They also feature a bespoke heat-pressed stitching detail to reflect the diamond pattern in the cabin, along with a 3D branding panel. There is a 16in LCD monitor for the Panasonic IFE system and a power socket and USB for charging personal devices. >>

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