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Editor's note — July 2017


Waiting for your nice, shiny new cabin interior? Fear not, help may be at hand.


Aircraft Interiors Expo showed for the first time that Airbus and Boeing have had enough of supply chain problems causing late deliveries to the production line, shoddy quality, unreliability in service and a general lack of concern about resolving the issues.


Never mind the changes of ownership that should see improvements railroaded through those problem companies, both airframe OEMs have expanded their catalogue products, giving other manufacturers a well-deserved break to introduce innovative products, especially when they can show a track record of 100% on-time deliveries.


In addition, unhappy airlines are banging on the doors of the alternative suppliers, as they try to avoid dealing with the main culprits.


Exaggeration? With Cathay Pacific ripping out business class on their Airbus A350s, United Polaris delayed and easyJet experiencing problems on their SpaceFlex V2 aircraft the reality of the situation is clear.


The photograph at the top of the page was taken on board one of the Airbus A380 prototypes, MSN4, at the 2016 Farnborough International Air Show. At this year’s Paris Air Show, the company announced the A380plus, featuring 4.7m high winglets and other wing refinements that allow for up to 4% fuel burn savings. Internally, it features up to 80 additional seats with no compromise on comfort: redesigned stairs, a combined crew-rest compartment, sidewall stowage removal, a new 9-abreast seat configuration in premium economy and 11-abreast in economy. The overall benefit is a 13% cost per seat reduction versus today’s A380. This increases the A380 average seat count from 497 passengers today to 575 in four classes, generating significantly more revenue for airlines.


Finally, many thanks to the speakers, sponsors (SR Technics, Diehl Aerosystems and Anjou Aeronautiqe) and delegates for making our third Cabin Repair & Refurbishment Conference on 13 June such a resounding success. We now turn our attention to the fourth Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference, to be held at the Radisson Blu Edwardian at Heathrow on 28 November. We hope to see you there!

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