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Bright prospects

SCHOTT is finding increasing interest from airlines in sophisticated lighting to enhance cabin appearance. Ian Harbison reports

Philip Fischer, Sales Director Aviation & Automotive at SCHOTT, says lighting is a major trend across all transportation sectors, being used to attract and influence passengers with unique and customised solutions. For airlines, the main efforts are aimed at First, Business and Premium Economy cabins.


Having been in the airline sector since the 1990s, he says SCHOTT has developed a reputation for quality and reliability – LED cabin lighting on SAS has accumulated more than a million flight hours (mean time between failure). Customisation is very common and bespoke items are expensive due to the limited production runs but this is usually specially designed housings, so the company has also developed a range of standard products that can be used in multiple applications. As well as saving costs, this approach saves time and effort for qualification processes and minimises the risk of failure in certification tests.


As well as Sapphire (see box story), the new reading light range includes Opal and Jade models. The latter is still in the development phase and will be premiered at AIX 2020. He says it is yet another new concept.


The Opal standard reading light family was introduced at the AIX show in Hamburg this year and has been generating high interest. The light can switched on and off with a soft touch on the faceplate, which is available as round or rectangular. The same pressure makes the light pop out, where it can be widely rotated and tilted. This enables the passenger to move the light, which is produced by a daylight balanced LED, to the best position for them. The bezel is available in three designs, while the entire unit is offered with a range of surface finishes: Aluminium Anodised Clear, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold and Black. There is an optional indicator light. Practically, it only protrudes from the seat shell by less than 0.5in, making it unobtrusive, while it also has front access for easy maintenance. It is expected to be qualified in 3Q19.


Another new product to be qualified in 3Q19 is the flexible HelioCurve (RGBW) LED strip, which is available in multiples of 60mm. This size makes it ideal for the illumination of pockets, ottomans, aisles and under armrests. It can be linked to SCHOTT’s intelligent Multi-Light-Controller to run specific mood lighting scenarios and/ or to synchronise with the HelioJet® main cabin mood lighting.

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