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Volume 5, January 2016 | Contents

Best in class bookmark
Airlines are used to seasonal changes in traffic levels, as well as variations in the number of passengers travelling in each class. Air France is one of the few that reacts to these changes with temporary cabin alterations, as Ian Harbison found out in Paris
Bright ideas bookmark
STG Aerospace is continuing to find new applications for its lighting systems, using either photoluminescent or LED technology. Ian Harbison reports
Bucking the trend bookmark
As brand new aircraft are parked in the desert awaiting seat deliveries, a new inspection methodology offers a chance to avoid these sorts of delays in the future
Dream on bookmark
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner cabin is providing the benchmark for the next generation of Boeing interiors. Ian Harbison spoke to several of the company’s interior experts
Editorial comment - January 2016 bookmark
It is just over a year since Air Transport Publications held its first ever event, with November seeing an outstanding second Aircraft Cabin Maintenance Conference take place in London.
Front line bookmark
Panasonic Technical Services uses an airside base to respond to the inflight entertainment and connectivity needs of its airline customers. Ian Harbison reports from London Heathrow
Less is more bookmark
Aircraft galley manufacturers must cater to the premium end of the market with ever more sophisticated lounge and bar areas, all the while making way for further densification of seating towards the rear of the cabin. Kerry Reals reports on how the balance is maintained
Look smart bookmark
Advanced maintenance technology by Airbus, designed primarily for aircraft and their systems, can also be applied to interiors. Andreas Behrmann, Senior Director, Cabin & Cargo Systems, illustrates the advantages
Playing the long game bookmark
Inflight entertainment providers, airlines and technology specialists agree that connectivity is growing in importance – but there still appears to be demand for traditional embedded IFE systems. Helen Massy-Beresford reports
Sensory inputs bookmark
Airlines need to adapt their cabins to suit changing passenger expectations, says a report by interiors provider Anjou Aeronautique. The key to this is emotion, not technology
January 2016