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Volume 4, July 2015 | Contents

Cover story bookmark
The parts most commonly changed on an aircraft are seat covers, as Phil Francis, Business Development Manager at Airbase Interiors, told the Cabin Refurbishment & Repair Conference
Editor's note – July 2015 bookmark
This year’s Paris Air Show may have been relatively quiet in terms of aircraft orders, but the forecasts from several manufacturers show that future demand for airliners continues to grow. According to the Airbus Global Market Forecast, global passenger traffic will grow at an average of 4.6% a year, driving a need for some 32,600 new aircraft with over 100 seats (31,800 passenger and 800 freighters greater than 10 tonnes) worth $4.9 trillion
Inch perfect bookmark
Airbus is taking the sales battle to Boeing by promoting better passenger comfort with wider seats. Ian Harbison reports from Toulouse
Interior illusions bookmark
Aircraft cabins are increasingly making use of paint to introduce special effects and enhance the passenger experience. Ian Harbison spoke to two of the major players in the sector
Joined up thinking bookmark
Starling Aerospace has developed an integrated approach to design and production that has enabled it to provide products to airlines and business jet operators. Ian Harbison reports
Keeping up appearances bookmark
The Cabin Refurbishment & Repair Conference was another successful event for Air Transport Publications. Ian Harbison reminds us of some of the unique projects presented on the day
Safety does it bookmark
Cabin safety is achieved through a range of equipment as specialised as ground-sensing evacuation slides or as basic as the humble first-aid kit. Regardless of the situation, however, well-trained crew are an operator’s most valuable cabin safety asset, as Paul E. Eden discovers
Situation report bookmark
Recent months have seen a number of new seat projects come to light. Ian Harbison reviews some of the leading contenders, both under development and being fitted to aircraft
Sky high wifi bookmark
Inflight connectivity has enhanced the IFE experience, allowing passengers to view different content on multiple screens simultaneously. Kerry Reals investigates the advantages
Swiss precision bookmark
SR Technics is in the middle of a major cabin upgrade for SAS that involves new seats, IFE and wifi. Ian Harbison reports from Zurich
July 2015