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Volume 1, October 2012 | Contents

Call collect bookmark
Using a mobile phone in flight is becoming increasingly routine. Ian Harbison reviews the two main players serving this market: UK-based AeroMobile and Swiss-based OnAir
Dignified progress bookmark
Leading interior design house, Priestmangoode, has come up with a stylish proposal to assist passengers with reduced mobility
Eastern star bookmark
Despite its success with cars, Japan has never made a successful commercial aircraft. Mitsubishi is hoping that its new MRJ project will change that, and the interior is part of its competitive edge
Editor's note - October 2012 bookmark
Family values bookmark
Aircraft Cabin Management has been given an exclusive preview of the new Columbus range of economy class seats from Aviointeriors ahead of its formal launch at AIX Hamburg next year. The company is working hard to finalise the design in time
Inside out bookmark
The Bombardier Cseries aircraft has taken advantage of a new design to introduce some cabin innovations. Ian Harbison reports
Kris cross bookmark
Malaysia Airlines has put two of its new Airbus A380s into service on the premium route between Kuala Lumpur and London Heathrow, where Ian Harbison caught up with one of the aircraft during its turnaround at Terminal 4
Lightweight leaning bookmark
Acro has developed a niche market in lightweight economy class seats, but customer demand for variations on the basic design is leading to a range of options that can be assembled to different configurations
Not such a walkover bookmark
Aircraft carpeting seems like a relatively simple element of cabins, but it has an effect on many aspects of airline operations and maintenance, reports Ian Harbison
Out of sight, out of mind bookmark
Passengers do not want to think about life vests, life rafts and slide rafts, which is why safety briefings are used to attract their attention. Commercial aviation safety records show they are unlikely to be used, but they must be looked after carefully
October 2012